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Father Robert's June Newsletter

Thy Kingdom Come!

Mexico City, June 2019

Dear Friends, peace,

Hoping this letter reaches you before “summer madness” makes your mail pile up! All is well, and many things are going on. I am including a picture report of activities since March to put you up to date.

A good way to understand the work we do at the CANELA Foundation is to see that almost all of our projects are EDUCATION-based. We are convinced that the only way to build a better society is to give people the tools necessary to do so. And although there are a lot of education projects out there, most of them eliminate any faith-based, spiritual aspects, which are such an integral part of any human being. I think that is the main reason why so many excellent education projects fall so short of their goals.

This is why we try to sponsor as many solid, faith-inclusive education projects as possible. Have a look at the pictures from Ndola, in Zambia, where they have just launched classes at The School of the Faith. They have begun with 75 adult students, many of whom come from long distances and sleep on the ground so as to be able to attend two days a week. I have also included recent pictures of the Full-Time Catechists we sponsor in Guatemala and El Salvador, who spend their days teaching their brothers and sisters in the most difficult-to-access places, or in places that others will not go to because of the danger of violence. I have included a picture of the Full-Time Catechist Francisco Flores from Escuintla, Guatemala, who died working last month after a long battle with diabetes. There were over 800 people in his funeral procession!

We would not be able to support these efforts, and reach thousands and thousands of people, without your help. Thank you for your prayers, your moral support, and your monetary donations. In order to raise more money and help more people, I have recently begun preaching in different parishes in the United States as part of the “Missionary Cooperative Appeal” program of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. I want to thank the dioceses of Austin (Texas), Sacramento (California) and New York for letting us be part of this program. Please say a little prayer that the congregations I preach at dig deep! At the moment, we need a bit of extra help to complete the construction of the new regional headquarters of The School of the Faith in Nigeria (also pictured in the report – it is being roofed as I write this).

Dear friends, I wish you a relaxing but prosperous summer. Count on my prayers for you, your families and all your many prayer intentions.

With gratitude for your friendship,

Father Robert

P.S. I also send out an e-mail version of this letter and report. If you haven’t received it, check you “spam” folder and tell your e-mail provider to declassify me as junk! Please share the e-mail version with friends and family! Thanks.

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