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Father Robert's November Newsletter

Dear Friends, peace,

Sending you greetings after a very active summer! I hope it’s not too cold wherever these lines find you. All is well but I am late in writing because of so much work.

The School of the Faith in Africa is growing rapidly. We have begun regular classes in Ndola, Zambia and hope to organize a mission to Africa in June. We desperately need Bibles and mattresses for our students. Bibles, because there is a shortage. And mattresses, so that adult students can stay at the school overnight and have two or three straight days of classes before going back to their villages. Please consider helping: a Bible in Zambia costs us $12 and a mattress about $35.

I myself was preaching missions in the USA most of the summer. In Texas and California to help earthquake victims in Mexico, and in New York to raise funds for the School of the Faith in southern Africa.

It is also a great pleasure to tell you that CANELA now exists as a non-profit organization in Canada: thank you to our Canadian friends for so much help – and insistence – which made this possible! Please pray that we continue to grow in Canada and in the USA, so as to be able to help more and more people in Latin America and Africa to have access to value-based education projects aimed at long-term transformation of society.

Dear friends, please share this letter and picture report with your friends. Thank you for supporting CANELA’s work with your donations. I would also like to ask you to support us with your continued prayers. For this reason, I am sending along a “holy card” with a beautiful prayer to Our Lady of Evangelization attributed to John Paul II. Don’t let it collect dust: please pray it!

Remembering you and your family in my own prayers,

Father Robert

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