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Father Robert's October Newsletter

Dear Friends, peace,

October already! In Mexico we are still very much in lockdown. The experience has been tragic: but it has also given me the opportunity to move ahead with projects that were on the back burner.

We received the annual reports of the Full-Time Catechists we are supporting in El Salvador (I’ll put them on the website if you wish to read them). We also did a laptop campaign for poor children in Mexico who had no way to follow remote learning lessons. We opened another 5 acres to plant chili in Sinaloa and create farm jobs. And I FINALLY published a book I have been working on for years (“How to Make Your Temper Taller,” available on Amazon).

But what I find most encouraging are the advances of CANELA’s “Committee for the welfare of priests.” In the past, I have written about the abject poverty that some priests live in. Good priests who work hard for their communities.

We now have a special group of volunteers to deal specifically with this problem: a project leader, bookkeeper, fundraiser and auxiliary team. Take Father Candido in a poor village in Mexico. 15 years ago, he was in a traffic accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He celebrates mass (sitting down) every day and is always available to minister to his community. But his total weekly collection is $14. His bishop (also poor!) gives him another $80 every month. And that’s it! A religious sister takes care of him, but the expenses for adult diapers and medicine alone exceed his income. We will be supporting him with about $10 a day, which makes a world of difference.

I could tell many other stories like that, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. THANK YOU for your continued support: only with your help is all of this possible. Count on my continued prayers for you, your family and your intentions. And thank you for your prayers!

Sending a blessing,

Fr. Robert

P.S. Check out our new online giving option for the US and Canada at It is quick, easy and secure.

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