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June Newsletter!

Updated: May 31

Dear Friends, peace,


            Hello from UNSEASONABLY HOT Mexico City. I hope this letter makes it to you before summer gets too busy! I wanted to share a bit of news.

            As I was going through the pictures that the priests we support send us, I was struck by the quantity of children and young people they are ministering to. In North America and Europe we are no longer used to huge groups in catechism class or in parish youth groups. It’s clear that a lot of this work is possible because of the support we give to priests, so they can spend their time on ministry and not chasing after sustenance. Thanks to all of you who support them. Enjoy the pictures!

            We recently did a YouTube video appeal to seek funds to help more priests in Nicaragua, and there were some positive results. We will be able to support at least three more priests in that complicated place, where priests are persecuted and almost 20% of the clergy has been expelled from the country.

            On another continent, the School of the Faith in Jalingo, Nigeria, graduated its first class. See their happy faces! Jalingo is a diocese – together with Pankshin and Sokoto, where the School is also active – with terrible situations of violence against Christians. Very often our students can’t even go to class because of military curfews or because people are literally roaming the streets looking for Christians to kill. This graduation was so important to them!

            A final piece of news: yesterday our team in Mexico met with the first group of poor priests – ten of them – who will be included in our major medical insurance plan. In Mexico, most priests don’t have major medical insurance, and a sickness or accident can mean incurring huge debt, or simply not being treated. I personally am very, very happy that this project is finally getting off the ground.

            I hope you have a relaxing, pleasant summer. I’ll close with a friendly invite to keep God part of your summer: go to church, say your prayers. It makes the beach or the mountains so much more beautiful!


With my prayers for you, your intentions and your family,



Fr. Robert

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