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November Newsletter

Dear Friends, peace,

Amazing to be getting to the end of the year already! Hope you had a restful summer: mine was very busy. In my last letter I told you about my upcoming mission in southeastern Africa. If you didn’t see my virtual report, check it out here:

During that trip, I discovered the great difficulty Christians have getting printed Bibles. We have acted by guaranteeing a 90% Bible subsidy to anyone who needs one in Malawi. Thanks for helping out with this!

When you get this letter, I hope to be in Nigeria starting the School of the Faith in five new dioceses. Please say a little prayer for my trip to that place of great suffering.

Our Committee for Priest Welfare is now helping TWENTY priests with a monthly deposit. We are talking about priests living in real poverty. In the attached picture report, you can see many of their smiling faces. Remember that these holy men are praying for you and your intentions. Please remember them in YOUR prayers, especially the priests in Nicaragua who are all under police surveillance (we have to send the money to parishioners in order to get it to them safely). In one of the dioceses where we are very active, the Bishop himself has been arrested and has been in an unknown prison since the middle of August. Can you think of any other way to help apart from prayer? Let’s keep it up!

At the farm in northwestern Mexico the news is better. Despite dry spells and hurricanes, the farmers are harvesting chili peppers as I write. Thanks to all for your prayers and support throughout difficult times.

And remember: all of these projects have human faces behind them. Believers who are praying for you, and your families. With them, I send you thanks and blessings.

Father Robert

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